figure 8

The Figure 8 tablet kiosk mount is the perfect mounting solution providing a wide variety of mounting options for the wall and/or table top. The Figure 8 kiosk mount works with any of our VESA mounting tbalet enclosures. Tablet enclosures sold separately.

We also offer many other types of tablet enclosures and can customise a tablet kiosk enclosure for your specific business or needs.

  • Figure-8-Table-Mount-with-FMJ_01_4x5
  • Figure-8-Table-Mount-with-FMJ_02_4x5
  • Figure-8-Table-Mount-with-FMJ_03_4x5
  • ipad_enclosure_bracket_secure
  • ipad_kiosk_mount_portrait
  • ipad_kiosk_secure_mount


Figure 8 kiosk mount features:

  • Mounts 8 different ways!
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Easy to attach and detatch
  • Light weight
  • Tablet enclosure sold separately
  • Mounting styles: Portrait and Landscape


Weight: 1 .lbs
Length: 4.75 .in
Width: 4.75 .in
Height / Thick: 8.00 .in